The fire in California took a frightening form, feared to get worse in the coming days

Los Angeles. The fire in the forests of California on the west coast of America has taken a terrible form and people are troubled by the smoke. Already, smoke from the fire has engulfed an area larger than the size of Rhode Island. However, firefighters fear that it may take a more frightening form in the coming days. Fires have destroyed a large part of California this year compared to the same period last year and are now expected to worsen due to strong winds and drought in the area.

Bill Deverell, a professor of history at the University of Southern California who teaches about fires in the West, said, “We’re not going to end[the fires]in August, the magnitude and scope of the destruction that began in the summer of 2021.” Will increase further in the coming days. The pattern of the last two decades—heat, major fire incidents—is worrying.” He cited climate change as the reason for the increase in such incidents.

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Significantly, in the northern region of California, 1.5 million acres (about 6000 square kilometers) of forest have been affected by fire.

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