The dog saved the life of the owner from the snake, if he saw the death in front, he did not care about his life!

Dogs are known all over the world for their loyalty. When it comes to the owner, this nimble animal himself jumps to death. In California, United States, a dog saved his owner from a snake and proved that if friendship is made with a pet dog, he will never cheat you. .

In fact, a person named Alex Loredo was dragged straight to death by his pet dog. After seeing this, the man did whatever he could to not lose his loyal dog. This hero dog is a Labrador. This dog, who lived with his owner for 18 years, put his life on the line one day. Seeing death in front of him, he himself thought better in his mouth and gave life to his master. This story of Alex Loredo and his hero Dog Marley is very emotional.

Dog saved the life of the owner from the snake
Alex stood with his dog Marley while cleaning his house in San Diego. Meanwhile, a dangerous snake started moving towards Alex. When his dog standing nearby heard the sound of the snake, he came between the two before the snake bit Alex Loredo. Alex told during a conversation with NBC that he could not even turn completely when Marley pushed him and himself came in front of the snake.

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Luckily the dog himself survived.
Dog Marley saved his master, but the snake bit him near his tongue and throat. After this, blood started coming out of the dog’s mouth and he started losing consciousness. Somehow Alex took his faithful dog to the hospital and used all his savings to save him. He also resorted to fundraising (GoFundMe) for this. Eventually after two days in the hospital, the dog’s condition started improving and now he is out of danger. Alex described this story as very emotional. He says that he was also very upset after seeing his faithful dog injured.

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