The ‘daity’ stole the shark from the fisherman’s hook, swallowed a big fish in 1 bite

The world of the sea is quite mysterious. In this, many types of creatures are hidden in the depths. No one has any information about many yet. These creatures suddenly come out and surprise people. Recently, John Brossard, living in Florida, America, saw a strange creature of the marine world. What was this creature, its information has not been found yet. But it surprised everyone by swallowing the giant shark in one stroke.

John and his crew had landed in the sea with the ship. Then he saw a shark in the sea. The team was looking at that shark. Suddenly John saw that a dark shadow was visible behind the shark. One of the shadows suddenly attacked the shark and swallowed it. The shadow of this giant creature was captured in the pictures. No one has yet understood what this creature was?

Recalling the incident, 57-year-old John said that that day he had gone to catch a shark with his crew. His team’s eyes were on this shark. But before he could catch this shark, suddenly there was a strange deep shadow under the water. This shadow suddenly appeared and swallowed the shark. None of his team members, including John, understood what it was that swallowed the shark.

mysterious creature captured on camera

According to John, the weight of this monster, which disappeared after showing a glimpse, was about two hundred and fifty kilos. While the shark was about three feet long. This sentence happened in Florida Le Everlands, where John had gone fishing. Sharks, alligators, crocodiles, dolphins are also found in that area. But till date such a creature had not been seen. For the first time it was caught on camera and swallowed the shark and disappeared.

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