The bridegroom reached the pavilion drunkenly, 10 minutes after the wedding, the bride ran away with her cousin

The occasion of marriage is very happy. Every couple wants this day to be captured in the most beautiful moments of their life. Couples do planning for a long time to make the wedding special. Especially if the wedding is a love marriage. But what if one of these partners arrives at their wedding intoxicated? Obviously, this will break the color of the marriage. Something similar happened in the wedding of Cearia and her lover Sam, living in Aberdeen.

After dating each other for a long time, the couple decided to tie the knot. But on the wedding day, 28-year-old Sam reached the pavilion after getting drunk. Seeing Sam’s condition, Sierra’s mercury had become high. Somehow Sam performed the wedding rituals. But after seeing Sam’s actions, Sierra’s anger got out of control. She angrily broke the marriage at the venue itself and left from there. But not alone.

bride elopes with cousin

The marriage was being telecasted on TV
Sierra is known as a famous traveler of America. She was dating Sam for a long time. For the wedding, he decided to telecast the wedding on TLC, which makes content related to travel. But in this marriage, Sam arrived intoxicated by alcohol. Syria could not stand it. Sam somehow performed some rituals of the wedding, but in the end, Sierra’s patience broke and she broke the marriage.

bride elopes with cousin

ran away with cousin
Seeing Sam’s condition, Sierra decided never to see his face. After breaking her marriage, Sieria went out of the pavilion. But during this time another boy appeared with her who was actually her cousin Kyle. Both were seen kissing each other outside the wedding venue. It is being told that before Sam, Cieria dated her cousin. According to the makers of the TLC show, Roman has permission to marry his first cousin. In such a situation, soon this new couple can get married.

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