The boy proposed for marriage in the stadium, the girl ran away on seeing

Many girls wish to be proposed in a filmy way. You must have seen many such videos in which the boy is proposing marriage proposal during live match in a public place or during a live match, after which such videos become viral. One such video is going viral but it is not a cute proposal video but you can call it Proposal gone wrong video.

Actually, a video of a couple was filmed during a minor league baseball game at Polar Park in Massachusetts, USA. The couple was also seen cheering on the big screen of the stadium. Both were wearing T-shirts of that team to support the team of their choice. Let us tell you that it was shown in the video that the boy sits down on one knee while holding a ring and proposes to the girl accompanying him for marriage. You will be able to hear that people are cheering that boy because everyone is looking very cute in this scene but everyone was surprised to see that the color of the face of the girl whom the boy was proposing suddenly changed.

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According to the information, he did not find this moment romantic at all. Seeing him, one could guess that seeing all this, his mood had suddenly become very bad. After which the girl turns back and looking at that girl in thought, it seems as if she has seen a ghost and seeing her, it is known that she was feeling very uncomfortable. Let us tell you that this incident was caught on camera, in which it can be seen that the girl runs away from that stage, she told the crowd while leaving that she has to go. At the same time, the boy was completely disappointed and remained sitting on one knee, as if he had frozen there.

Let us tell you that this video became viral as soon as it was posted on Instagram. People are commenting fiercely on this. Some people are saying that love is dead, while some people are calling the boy a warrior. Many users are feeling very bad for the boy and they are reprimanding the girl. At the same time, some users say that she could have refused the proposal in clear words.

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