Temporary ban on controversial abortion law in America, after all, why did it cause uproar in the whole country

Austin. In the US, a federal judge has temporarily banned the controversial abortion law in Texas, the Most Restrictive Abortion law in the US. The judge has put a temporary stay on this law after the request of the Byden government. There was opposition to this law all over America. Under this law implemented in Texas on September 1, almost all types of abortion were banned. According to this law, abortion is prohibited after the heartbeat of the fetus is detected. The federal judge, while giving his decision, has described this constitutional right as an attack.

What was in the law?
The heartbeat is usually detected in the sixth week of pregnancy, but in many cases, women do not know that they are pregnant until this period. There is also no exemption in this law for pregnancies caused by rape cases. There is a protest against this law all over the country. The Biden government requested District Judge Robert Pittman to block the law from being implemented because it was against the US Constitution. If the Texas administration wants, it can appeal against this ban.

What did the federal judge say?
In his 113-page ruling, Judge Pittman said Texas officials made an unprecedented and aggressive plan that took away an important and established constitutional right from the state’s citizens. From the moment SB VIII came into force, women have been deprived of the rights recognized by the Constitution to make decisions related to their own lives illegally. The judge also said, “This Court will not allow such a humiliating denial of such an important right to go on for another day. Since Texas can still appeal against this decision, it is possible that the matter will reach the Supreme Court.

The White House welcomed the decision
The White House welcomed the decision, calling it an important step in restoring women’s constitutional rights in Texas. Spokesperson Jane Psaki said that despite the threat to abortion rights in Texas and other states, Biden supports that the Supreme Court’s crucial Roe v. Wade decision granting abortion rights can be made into law. be given. Conservatives are in a majority in the nine-judge Supreme Court. The court had already rejected appeals to block the Texas law.

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