Taliban getting help from international terrorist organizations, more than 5500 attacks in 31 provinces since April: Afghanistan

New York: A meeting was called in the United Nations Security Council regarding the increasing power and brutality of the Taliban in Afghanistan. The situation in Afghanistan and the Taliban were discussed in this meeting. At the meeting, Afghanistan’s ambassador and permanent representative to the UN Security Council said that the situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating rapidly due to violence by the Taliban and military strikes in major cities.

During the open meetings of the UN Security Council on the situation in Afghanistan, Afghanistan’s representative Ghulam M Isakzai said that Pakistan should help to restore peace in Afghanistan on this war-like situation.

More than 5500 attacks

Afghanistan said that even after the Doha peace agreement, the situation is not sounding and no concrete progress has been made in peace efforts. Isakzai said the Taliban had carried out several brutal attacks in the past few months. This has created instability in the country and it is our job to stop it. He said the Taliban is not alone. It is getting aid from international terrorist networks and it is a big threat to our security and peace. Isakzai said the Taliban had carried out more than 5,500 attacks in 31 of the 34 provinces since mid-April.

Taliban is getting support from international organizations

Afghanistan’s ambassador said the Taliban was violating the Doha peace agreement with international terrorist organizations. He said the Taliban is currently affiliated with about 20 international terrorist organizations such as Taliban al-Qaeda, Daesh and terrorist organizations from Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Isakzai urged the UN Security Council to take concrete steps as soon as possible to prevent Afghanistan from falling into a dire situation.

Afghanistan has reached the disastrous stage

At the meeting, UN Security Council Special Representative for Afghanistan Deborah Lyon said that Afghanistan is at a dangerous juncture and the Taliban has now gained significant regional gains. He said that the current strategy of the Taliban is very worrying for mankind. He said that half of Afghanistan’s population is in need of humanitarian aid at this time.

Leone told the Security Council that the war had now reached a deadlier and more destructive phase. He said more than a thousand Afghan civilians were killed in Taliban attacks last month. He said that the situation in Afghanistan is reminiscent of Syria.

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