Taliban capture many advanced military weapons including Black Hawks, now America is harassing this fear

Washington. More than 24 Republican senators on Thursday sought answers from the Joe Biden administration over the Taliban’s handling of sensitive military equipment worth billions of dollars of US forces in Afghanistan. He also cautioned about the possibility that the Taliban could seek help from countries such as Russia, Pakistan, Iran and China to use these tools.

Republican lawmakers said in a letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, “As we saw the pictures coming from Afghanistan after the Taliban took power, we were very scared because many of America’s equipment, including the UH-60 Black Hawks, were used by the Taliban.” Hands have been taken.’ In the letter, Senators Bill Classy, ​​Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and 22 other Republican lawmakers asked the Biden administration to account for US military equipment purchased with taxpayer money that may have been in the hands of the Taliban.

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The senators wrote, “It is unfair that high-tech military equipment purchased with American taxpayer money has fallen into the hands of the Taliban and their terrorist allies.” Protecting American assets should have been one of the top priorities of the US Defense Department before announcing the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

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In his letter to Austin, he sought full details of the military equipment provided to the Afghan armed forces last year. In the letter, he wrote, ‘There is also a possibility that the Taliban may seek the help of Russia, Pakistan, Iran or China for the necessary training, fuel or infrastructure to use the equipment.’

In the letter, the lawmakers asked whether the Biden administration had made any attempt to recover or destroy weapons left in Afghanistan, or if there were any plans that terrorist organizations could use.

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