Stopped the hungry photographer from eating, then deleted all the pictures in seconds, the groom kept staring at his face!

The person whose responsibility in the wedding is to make it memorable is the photographer. It takes both time and effort to capture every occasion in beautiful pictures from morning till evening. An American photographer was also engaged in similar work and he was very hungry. Meanwhile, when the groom did not give her a chance to eat, he deleted all the pictures in a jiffy.

This incident has been shared by the person himself on the online platform Reddit. He has told that he is not a professional photographer and works to walk the dogs for the clients. During this, he takes pictures of these dogs and uploads them on Instagram and Facebook. In the meantime, someone requested him for photography at the wedding, so he agreed to do so. Although he did not know, that such behavior was going to happen to him.

Was doing wedding photoshoot on friend’s request
Sharing this incident with the people, the person has told that photography is his hobby. A friend of his had asked him to do a photoshoot at the wedding. He said that he wanted to do this to save money and even if the pictures were not perfect, he did not mind much. After wedding photography was not his work, he agreed to take wedding photos for a small amount of $ 250 at the behest of a friend.

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Photoshoot lasted for 8 hours, food was not even found
The photoshoot, which started at 11 am on the wedding day, went on till around 7.30 pm. During this the heat was very high and there was no arrangement of water and AC in the wedding. In such a situation, the photographer was tired of taking photographs continuously. The exhausted photographer finally told the groom that he needed a break of about 20 minutes to get some food and drink. On this the groom stopped him from eating food and said that if he does not take pictures of the feast, then he will have to leave without payment. On hearing this, the photographer who was suffering from hunger went up and he returned after deleting all the wedding photos in front of the groom’s eyes.

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