Sometimes relations were made with 300 men in 1 day, today the enemies are getting rid of sixes in the ring

It seems to the common man that the life of porn stars is very comfortable. But many porn stars removed this misconception of people. Recently, a porn actress told how many problems come in her life. Meanwhile, in the 1990s, America’s most famous porn actress Jasmine decided to get out of this quagmire and today she has become a professional wrestler. Jasmine shared her experiences with people.

In 1990, Jasmine was seen in most of the films made in the porn industry of America. Jasmine was discussed in the porn industry when she had a relationship with 300 men simultaneously in a film. After this Jasmine became the star of the porn world. But after some time he left this field. Jasmine tried her hand at wrestling and today has earned a name as a successful wrestler.

sex star turns wrestler

Today, apart from wrestling, Jasmine is also trying her hand at acting.

shared experience
Jasmine shared her experience in a podcast named Unfiltered. He told that people remember you for such things, which you do not want to remember. However, I have no problem with my videos made with 300 people. That experience was fun too. Sharing the experience of her porn films, Jasmine said that working 10 hours was not easy. It was as if she worked in a circus, where she was only concerned with finishing work.

sex star turns wrestler

Porn actress turned wrestler Jasmine shares her story with people

suddenly changed profession
Jasmine told that she could not be happy with the porn film industry. So he decided to change profession. Jasmine had seen wrestling since childhood and she had a lot of interest in it. For this reason, after leaving the porn industry, he chose it as a profession. Jasmine also took wrestling classes for a few months. Today she makes many players mind in the ring. Not only wrestling, Jasmine also tried her hand at acting. Now Jasmine is very happy with her career.

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