So has America agreed to recognize Taliban rule in Afghanistan?

Washington. The US has said it wants the organization to “do not talk” to diplomatically recognize the Taliban and expects it to “live up” to its commitments. State Department spokesman Ned Price said in a press briefing on Friday that the Taliban have made it clear that “they want the US to maintain a diplomatic presence in Afghanistan.”

Price said that, ‘He has said clearly and openly that he wants other countries to maintain their diplomatic missions there.’ Also said that a Taliban spokesman had said, ‘We appreciate the embassies that have opened and have not closed. We assure them of their safety.

Taliban’s decree to Afghan citizens, government property in 1 week; hand over vehicles and weapons

Price said the US has yet to decide on the issue, but “it is something that we are actively discussing with our partners, and thinking about it here as well”.

After all, why did Ashraf Ghani and former leaders of different countries choose the United Arab Emirates for asylum?

“We are not ready to answer them today, especially because we have heard many statements from the Taliban,” he said. Some of it has been positive, some has been constructive, but ultimately what we are looking for and what our international partners are looking for is work, not just talk.

“With regard to any future diplomatic presence, any question of recognition, any question of assistance, what we’re going to focus on is follow up on what is said and actions are not just words,” Price said. ‘

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