Sitharaman attacked Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen, said – such intellectuals give statements without knowing the facts

Boston. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has criticized the views of Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen about the BJP government. He said it is “worrisome” that scholars no longer speak facts but can become their “slaves” influenced by their likes and dislikes.

At Harvard Kennedy School on Tuesday, Professor Lawrence Summers asked Sitharaman whether economist Sen has raised strong objections to the BJP government. He asked that there is a feeling that “many questions are being raised” on the legacy of tolerance and that “the attitude your government has taken towards the Muslim population” is a reflection of America and India’s values ​​in the light of our values ​​of universality and inclusivity. comes between? Sitharaman said, “Prime Minister Modi will be responsible for incidents of violence even in states where there is no BJP government, because it suits my discourse.”

Sitharaman said that Dr. Amartya Sen, whom you mentioned, respects him. He said that ‘he goes to India, roams there freely and finds out whatever is happening. This will help us especially a scholar to find out who is talking on the basis of facts.

He said, ‘No. It is worrying that scholars may now be influenced more by their personal likes and dislikes than by commenting on facts. It is indeed a matter of concern that scholars may become slaves of their likes and dislikes instead of thinking with equanimity, looking at the facts and figures before them and then speaking.

Sitharaman said, ‘Having an opinion is one thing and it being based on facts is a completely different thing. If opinion is prejudiced, I have no way of responding to it.’

He said, ‘Sometimes it is like trying to wake someone who is pretending to sleep. If you’re really sleeping, I can put my hand on your shoulder and say ‘please wake up’, but if you’re pretending to be asleep, will you wake up? You can’t wake up, you won’t wake up and I’ll fool myself into thinking I’m waking you up.

Sitharaman said that if there is a problem in any one state in America, then the President of America may not have to deal with that problem, but the governor of that state will have to deal with it.

He said, ‘It is the same in India. There are many states in the country in which the party to which the Prime Minister belongs is not in power. Last night also, crimes took place in a state where the Prime Minister’s party is not in power, extremely poor people were targeted in that state, some people died.

Sitharaman said, ‘But this incident will also be the responsibility of the Prime Minister, because it is in accordance with my discourse. It is not proper to do so, because law and order in that state is in the hands of the elected Chief Minister, who is not a member of Prime Minister Modi’s party.

He said, ‘Tell me how many people have condemned the Prime Minister by using such indecent and objectionable words. Was any of them even touched, were they questioned? Whereas in the states where there is no BJP government, the first task is to arrest such people and send them to jail. I will name the states where this has happened.

Sitharaman said, “Some people who speak against an elected Chief Minister belonging to an opposition party are still in jail. Will the same scholars who talk about Prime Minister Modi comment on these states also?

He said that when Modi came to power in 2014, there were many attacks on churches. He said, “And at that time also voices were raised. People had returned their awards, the highest civilian awards we give in the country, the Padma awards, saying, ‘This government is against minorities, see how Christians are being treated, churches are attacked. are’.

He said that the states where these incidents took place, they themselves did the investigation, the committees and police of those respective states did the investigation. Sitharaman said, ‘The Prime Minister had nothing to do with them. You will be surprised to know that after due investigation it was found that none of these attacks had anything to do with the Prime Minister, they had nothing to do with the BJP, they had no communal aspect.

He said, ‘But the blame was placed on the Prime Minister. The awards were returned saying, ‘Oh, it’s hard for me to live in this country, oh, our minorities are under attack.’ It emerged that there was no communal aspect to any of the incidents. He had nothing to do with the BJP or the Prime Minister.

Sitharaman said that even after Prime Minister Modi returned in 2019 after a better and stronger mandate, the campaign of ‘talking about communal violence’ continues.

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