Shocking: Woman has given birth to 11 children in 37 years, family goes for a walk in 15 seater van

From the government to the general population, there is trouble for population control in India, but a woman living in New Mexico in the United States has given birth to 11 children. Not only this, she is pregnant once again and by March 2022, her house is going to resonate again. You tell me, isn’t it amazing?

The name of this 37-year-old woman is Courtney and her husband Chris Rogers is a pastor. Ever since the couple got married, they have given birth to a child every year. Now his family has become so big that he needs a big trailer to travel anywhere and his house is also getting smaller.

The goal was to have a dozen children
Courtney is a housewife and takes care of the large family of children by staying at home, while her husband of 33 years (Chris Rogers) works as a pastor at Chris Church. The name of both of them starts with the letter ‘C’, so they have named all their children with this letter. Out of their 11 children, 6 are sons and 5 are daughters. In such a situation, Chris wants him to have a daughter as the 12th child, so that the number of sons and daughters in the family becomes equal. Courtney tells that she and her husband already wanted to have 12 children. In this mission of his children also supported, who every year demand one more child from him.

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Courtney has been having children continuously since the age of 26
Courtney was married at the age of 24. She had a miscarriage in her first pregnancy. After 2 years, she became a mother for the first time in 26 years. Since then every year she is giving birth to a child. Now their older children take care of their younger siblings and this helps Courtney a lot. He has a 15 seater van in his house. When it gets crowded during the journey, they use the trailer. Even for going on vacation, they have to rent the whole house instead of getting a room in the hotel. His own house is also of 3 bedrooms, which he has to enlarge. Due to having so many children, she also has to be a victim of criticism on social media many times, but she does not panic about it.

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