Shocking: When there was a fight with the boss, the person took out his anger on the friends, killed 3 people with a knife!

The police are also surprised that after all what made the man so angry that he took the lives of his comrades!  (symbolic picture)

The police are also surprised that after all what made the man so angry that he took the lives of his comrades! (symbolic picture)

In Florida, USA, a man had a fight with his boss and took out the boss’s anger on his office friends. A person named Sean attacked his friends with a knife, in which 3 people were killed.

The relationship between Employee and Boss is sour-sweet. Sometimes praise is also received, and sometimes the boss gets angry with his juniors. But the subordinates are unable to express their displeasure with their boss. In such a situation, his anger often goes out on someone else. But the boss gets so angry that someone kills someone else, it is rarely heard. But recently an American man did the same and now he is going to be punished for the crime.

Shaun Runyon, 39, works as an electrician in Florida. One day he and his boss got into an argument about something. The matter escalated so much that a scuffle broke out between the two and Shaun ran away after punching his boss. According to the police, Shaun used to live in a flat with many friends from his office. He was so angry at the words of the boss that as soon as he reached his house, he attacked his sleeping friends with a baseball bat and a knife. According to the report of the New York Post, a friend of Sean was sleeping and Shawn beat him to death in the same condition.

Police said that there were 7 people in the flat at that time. One of them was stabbed by Sean who died there while a friend was badly injured who later died in the hospital. The police is also surprised that after all, there was such a fight with his boss that his anger reached the seventh heaven and he came home and killed his companions. When the man came out after killing his companions, people were surprised to see his blood-stained shirt. The man told them that he had been raped. Then the people present there immediately advised him to go to the hospital where he was arrested.

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