Report: US submits list of names to Taliban to evacuate civilians, Trump’s son calls ‘treason’

Washington. The process of evacuation of people from Afghanistan is going on. It is now reported that American officials present in the capital Kabul handed over a list of names of American citizens, green card holders and Afghan allies to the Taliban. It is being said that this list has been given to allow entry in the outskirts of the city’s airport. However, there has been a massive protest against this decision of the officials. Former President Donald Trump’s son has called it ‘treason’. The White House says that many lives have been saved due to limited information sharing. Whereas, some experts believe that due to this, the lives of many people have been put at risk.

This issue of the list came up during a briefing on Capitol Hill this week. According to Politico, during a news conference on Thursday, President Joe Biden told that he was not sure that there were such lists, but he also did not deny that the US had given some names to the Taliban several times. Biden had said, ‘There were a few occasions when our military had contacted their military counterparts in the Taliban and said this. For example, this bus is coming and X number of people are present in it. We want this bus or group to be allowed to pass. He said, ‘So yes such opportunities have come. As per my knowledge, this has happened many times in such cases and they have let them go.

NSC spokeswoman Emily Horn said, “It is unfortunate that the White House has not been asked for comment or clarification on such a serious issue.” If Politico had asked us, we would have given the same answer as the President shared with the nation today that in a limited number of cases, we have shared information with the Taliban, which led to the successful evacuation of people from Kabul. According to the report, the matter in the list is also being looked at in such a way that the Biden administration is dependent on the Taliban for the security of the airport.

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The decision to name the Taliban has angered many lawmakers and military officials. According to the report, a defense official said, “Fundamentally, they have put all those Afghans on the death list.” According to the report, in the early days of the evacuation process after the Taliban took control of Kabul, the US military and a team of diplomatic coordinators submitted a list of the names of the people they were preparing to evacuate to the Taliban. These included the names of Afghans who had supported America in the 20-year war and demanded special immigrant visas for America. It also included the names of US citizens, dual citizenship and lawful legal residents.

“They had to do this because of the situation the White House had created by allowing the Taliban to control everything outside the airport,” said a US official. There were reports that the Taliban were going door-to-door looking for Afghan interpreters and aides to US and Western forces. Donald Trump Jr. said, ‘Giving enemy terrorists a list of Americans in an area they control is treason!’

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