Pune: Woman’s allegation – Zomato’s delivery boy stole dog from home

New Delhi. Pune a couple living in Food delivery boy but from his house dog accused of stealing. In fact, the couple’s pet dog was playing in the exterior of a house here. The dog’s owner was inside the house. After some time when they came out, they saw that the dog was missing from there. According to him, after looking for him, it was found that a delivery boy of Zomato had taken his dog along. Knowing this, his senses were blown away.

dog was playing outside the house
Vandana Shah lives in her own house with her husband on Karve Road in Pune. He had a small dog named Dottu of Beagle species. According to Vandana Shah, he had left her in the outer part of his house on Monday. He was playing there.

After this he disappeared from there. When Vandana reached the outer part of the house, she got upset seeing Dottu missing. After this, together with her husband, she searched for her dog around, but he was nowhere to be found.

Delivery boy identified
The couple also checked the CCTV footage. It is clearly visible in it that Dottu is playing in the outer part of the house before disappearing. When Vandana could not find Dottu, she showed her photo and questioned the people around. During this, he also got some delivery boys of Zomato. When Vandana showed Dottu’s photo to them, it came to know that one of the delivery boys was seen taking her dog with her. Vandana immediately knew his name and also took his number.

‘I am sending the dog to my village’
According to Vandana, the name of the delivery boy who stole her dog is Tushar. He then called Tusshar. During this he accepted to take the dog along. But when Vandana asked him to return his pet dog, he started making excuses and said that I am sending the dog to my village. Vandana told that she also asked Tushar to return his dog after taking the money. But he refused and after that switched off his mobile.

Police did not register complaint
Vandana Shah and her husband claimed that when they both went to the police for help with a complaint about the matter, the police refused to register a complaint. Vandana shared the dog’s photo and Tusshar’s information on her Twitter tagging Zomato.

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