Police went to search the thief’s house, found undergarments of 400 women and…

Washington. When the police raided the house of an accused in Alabama, America, his eyes were also torn. Entire 400 women’s undergarments were found from the house of the accused. The police is now finding out where did so many undergarments come from.

According to the Daily Mail report, the police had arrived to arrest 27-year-old John Thomas on charges of attempted rape and theft. John Thomas has been booked under several sections including attempt to rape, theft, serious criminal surveillance, credit card fraud.

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Not only this, some personal photographs of a woman were also found by the police, who is said to be a colleague of the accused. The police is now investigating whether the accused stole or bought women’s undergarments? Officials said that Thomas was also accused of stealing women’s undergarments in 2019.

Police told that Thomas is a vicious criminal. He had entered a woman’s house in early July with the intention of robbing and raping. However, the woman caught him and both of them got into a scuffle. However, John Thomas dodged and ran away. After this, the victim called the police and told the whole incident.

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Police reached the accused from the bill
The police found a bill from the spot, on which the name of the accused was written. This is how she reached him. John Thomas was arrested by the police on 10 July. During interrogation, the accused has confessed his crime. At the same time, the woman has suffered minor injuries and has also accused Thomas of sexual harassment.

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