People upset with Delhi became a gas chamber, raised the demand to change the capital on social media

New Delhi. Delhi Air Pollution And the condition of the smog has become so bad that now the displeasure among the people can be clearly seen about it. According to a survey on Sunday, it was said that 40 percent of the people of Delhi-NCR have expressed their desire to settle elsewhere due to air pollution. Now people on Twitter have started discussing about making any other city instead of the capital of the country.

The Air Quality Index (AQI) in Delhi on Monday is 500, but it is still at a very dangerous level. The AQI on Sunday was average at 494. This was the highest level recorded since November 2016. There is a blanket of haze in Delhi-NCR on Monday as well. Schools have also been closed due to this.

There was something like this on the Rajpath in Delhi on Monday morning.

In view of such odd situation of Delhi, now people have also started saying whether Delhi is fit to remain the capital of the country.

There has been a debate about this on Twitter.

Some users have tweeted and talked about making the capital of the country like Nagpur, Bangalore, Chennai instead of Delhi.

A Twitter user has written that I think the capital of the country needs to be shifted from Delhi to somewhere soon.

At the same time, another user has written that the capital of the country should be shifted somewhere in central India.

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