Pehowa Assembly Exit Poll 2019: Sandeep Singh may have a brilliant ‘goal’ in politics in the very first win

New Delhi. Arjuna Awardee, Olympian, Member of winning Indian team in many tournaments and now candidate of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The story of Sandeep Singh has been a roller coaster ride or twist and turns. Now his career has moved towards a new level. Sandeep is trying his luck from Pehowa seat of Haryana (Haryana Assembly Elections 2019). According to News18 and IPSOS, he is winning from this seat. Exit polls are calling Sandeep Singh’s first step in politics a success.

Some time ago he got attached to the working style of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Gradually, he was inclined towards the Bharatiya Janata Party. In the end, he decided to join the party. Sandeep said in his interview during the election campaign that he wants to work keeping the future in mind. Want to work for the future of the country’s children. It is Sandeep’s dream to educate the children and join them in some sport or the other, they should get that facility.

Played Olympics in 2012
Sandeep Singh played in the 2012 Olympics. Sandeep had a big role in qualifying for the Olympics. But Sandeep’s story goes far beyond sports and the Olympics. The film Soorma was made on him, in which Diljit Dosanjh played the role of Sandeep.

Actually, Sandeep’s career was going very well. He was on his way to become the best drag-flicker in the country, when something changed. It was the morning of 22 August. The year was 2006. The news came that a hockey player has been shot. The name of the player is Sandeep Singh.

Sandeep was traveling in the train
Sandeep was coming to Delhi. He sat in Shatabdi Express. The train reaches Delhi at around ten in the morning. Sandeep Singh and Rajpal Singh were sitting in coach number C8. Sandeep was sitting in the train from Ambala, which is close to his home in Shahbad. He had to go to Germany, where the World Cup was to be played. RPF’s ASI Mohar Singh was in the same coach. When the train reached near Kurukshetra, there was a loud sound. With this, people saw Sandeep falling from his seat.

3 hour surgery in Chandigarh
Mohar Singh was due to retire in the same month. He was sitting in the back seat. Accidentally the trigger was pressed from them. The bullet went through the middle of the seats around Sandeep’s right hip. Rajpal Singh had told at that time that when he looked next to him after the loud sound, blood was flowing from the right side of Sandeep’s waist. That mistake of Mohar Singh made Indian sports very heavy.

It was impossible for drag flick expert Sandeep Singh to play that World Cup. There was also a question on whether he would ever be able to return to hockey. He underwent a three-hour surgery in Chandigarh. Doctors believed that there was good luck along with bad luck. If the bullet went to the nerves, then paralysis could have happened.

Sandeep’s career slowed down after 2012
Sandeep returns. Even in the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup tournament he returned for, he was the top scorer. He was also the top scorer in the Olympic qualifiers with 16 goals. India’s performance in the 2012 Olympics was poor. With this, Sandeep’s career went downhill. He focused on his job. He became DSP. In the meantime, he talked about starting a hockey academy and now he is in politics.

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