Pakistan’s nuclear weapons should not fall in the hands of Taliban, increased fear in America

Kabul. After the occupation of the Taliban in Afghanistan, there has been a growing concern in the US that Pakistan’s nuclear weapons should not be captured by this terrorist organization. A group of US lawmakers has met President Joe Biden and appealed that the Taliban, which occupy Afghanistan, should not destabilize Pakistan and also not get nuclear weapons.

According to the news agency AP, a group of US lawmakers has demanded that Biden should answer serious questions related to what happened in Afghanistan and what are the plans for the future. A group of 68 lawmakers from the Senate and the House of Representatives asked in a letter to Biden on Wednesday, “If the Taliban militarize the border with Afghanistan, are you prepared to militarily support regional allies?” What is your plan to ensure that the Taliban does not destabilize their nuclear-armed neighbor Pakistan? Do you have a plan to ensure that Taliban-held Afghanistan never acquires a nuclear weapon?’

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The lawmakers said the world has seen a lot of barbarism in the past two weeks because of the Taliban’s rapid capture of Afghanistan. This is the result of unnecessarily delaying the full withdrawal of what remains of our core military force from Afghanistan and the evacuation of American personnel and their Afghan partners.

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The situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating rapidly
US lawmakers said the situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating rapidly under the Taliban. There women and girls are being persecuted, civil society is being oppressed, countless Afghan people are forced to leave their homes, whom the Taliban are using force to prevent from leaving Afghanistan. At the same time, China is increasing relations with the Taliban to take advantage of the current situation. (with agency input)

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