Pakistan is supporting Taliban, America will think again about the relationship: Blinken

Washington. The Taliban government has been formed in Afghanistan. These days as much discussion is happening about the Taliban, as much is being discussed about Pakistan. America has warned Pakistan, which is celebrating after the arrival of Taliban. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said that its relationship with Pakistan will depend on how its relations with the Taliban are going to be. In the coming days, America will review the relationship with Pakistan. Blinken also appreciated India’s presence in Afghanistan during this period. He said that India’s presence has definitely affected Pakistan’s harmful activities in Afghanistan.

There is to be a hearing in both houses of the US Parliament regarding the developments in Afghanistan. Blinken appeared before Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee on Monday. He is to appear before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Tuesday.

America will give Rs 470 crore aid to Afghanistan, said this about Taliban

On the role of China in Afghanistan, the US has already said that China has decided to get rid of its problems. Now about Pakistan, America says that Imran Khan is plural in the interests of the government, Pakistan has been interpreting its relationship with many criteria, but we will review those relations.

Pakistan riding two boats
In the first public meeting held after the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, Antony Blinken said that Pakistan has many such advantages from Afghanistan, which can create problems for us. He said, ‘Pakistan is taking two boat rides in a row about the future of Afghanistan. He is maintaining Talibanis and on the other hand is also supporting us in many anti-terrorist activities.

Administration will take decision soon
During this, the lawmakers present there questioned whether America should now reconsider its relationship with Pakistan? To this, Blinken said, ‘The administration will do so soon. In the coming weeks, we will be looking at a number of things – the role Pakistan has played in the last 20 years and the role we want to see it play in the coming weeks. Will also think about what will need to be done to do this.
Pakistan has close ties with the Taliban. While the US-backed government was waging a war with the Taliban, Pakistan continued to support the terror group – although Islamabad denied these allegations. Apart from this, Pakistan is the second country after Qatar that has the most influence on the Taliban and after the US invasion in 2001, many big Taliban leaders fled to Pakistan to take refuge in Pakistan itself.

Nothing changes in Afghanistan even if time stops
On Monday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken strongly defended the steps taken by President Joe Biden’s administration to deal with the issue of troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. “There is no evidence that a longer stay would have strengthened the Afghan security forces or the Afghan government or made them self-sufficient,” Blinken said. If 20 years and hundreds of billions of dollars in support, equipment and training weren’t enough, what difference would another year, or five or ten years, make?’

Amidst the news of death, Mulla Baradar’s audio message, told himself fit

Let us tell you that in April this year, US President Joe Biden announced the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan. The Taliban gained control of Afghanistan in a short time amid the withdrawal of American troops, which US lawmakers criticized the Biden administration.

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