Osama bin Laden’s brother’s mansion is about to be sold, it is empty for 20 years, you will be surprised to know the price

New Delhi. The mansion of Ibrahim bin Laden, brother of the world’s most dreaded terrorist Osama bin Laden, is now about to be sold. This luxurious mansion located in Los Angeles, USA was lying vacant for the last 20 years. As soon as the news of the sale of this mansion came to the fore, it has become viral. Let us also tell you that this mansion is going to be sold for about 2 billion dollars.

Actually Los Angeles is an expensive city of America. This mansion was bought by Ibrahim bin Laden in 1983. Then for this he had paid about 20 lakh dollars i.e. 1.48 crore rupees. But this mansion is lying vacant for the last 20 years. There is no one living in it.

The haveli is built on a total of two acres of land. It is located within walking distance of the famous Los Angeles Hotel Bel Air and Bel Air Country Club. In such a situation, its price is justified. According to media reports, when Osama bin Laden conducted a major terrorist attack in America in 2001, Ibrahim stopped living in it since then.

This mansion was built in 1931. It has seven bedrooms and five bathrooms. Also, there is a lot of space in the outer part of the building. According to a media report, Ibrahim bin Laden lived here with his ex-wife Christine. But he left it after the 9/11 attacks.

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