Opinion: India emerges winner in Quad with increased production and FDI

(Stephen Manelck)
Top leaders of India, the US, Japan and Australia met in person for the first time during the Quad summit, which agreed to cooperate in areas such as the Kovid-19 vaccine, supply chain, clean energy and space. The meeting emerged victorious for two reasons. For the first time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was treated like a film star in the West. And he kept himself extremely calm during this meeting, saying that the Quad would serve as a force for the good of the world. Second, India emerged as a big winner in the supply chain discussion, which would give a massive boost to India’s production. At the same time, during this discussion, Australia came in second place.
Given the total dependence on China for vital supplies, the four countries have started considering increasing the development of the Quad. The focus is on supply chain initiatives, with India being the major manufacturing hub, Australia will collaborate with the US to provide resources and skills training, and Japan to provide key elements of technological innovation and investment. In this way, there will be an increase in FDI (foreign direct investment) in India, which will be an indirect benefit from the Quad.

Australia will play a key role in the future for the Quad countries in the supply of rare earth minerals, which are used in cars, recharge batteries used in phones, clean energy, superconductors, computers and more. At present, China supplies 80 percent of the world’s rare earth minerals.

The Prime Minister delivered a strong message on non-alignment from India’s Quad while joining the Shanghai Cooperation Organization a week before the summit, during which Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan and other Central Asian countries were present. Overall, Modi and India are not at all intent on taking China’s side.

Prime Minister Modi spoke in the Quad as a member country that is sharing borders with China alone. The growing influence of China has filled energy in these four countries. Especially after the ongoing border dispute with India and trade embargo with Australia, the communication of energy in the four countries is very high. After this meeting, it has also become clear that the Quad will not be like other security and defense related alliances, but more positive results will come out due to the common objectives of these countries.

President Biden’s global message, America has returned, has also indicated to the Quad that he is going to play an active role in China’s redress and Indo-Pacific diplomacy. At the start of the meeting, Bidney announced a fellowship program that allows science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) students from all four countries to pursue degrees at US universities.
There has been another development in the matter of security aside from the quad.

Earlier this month, the US, the United Kingdom and Australia announced a new alliance called Ocas. Media attention has been focused on nuclear power- and non-nuclear weapons, submarines for Australia. But the big thing that will come out of the Ocus will be Australia’s status in the physical center of the Indo-Pacific. Which will become an active base in increasing the naval power of US and UK in the region. The Navy needs ports, supplies and Australia is in the right place for that.

I am a fan of India – this country is a democracy that believes in live and let live. One who accepts differences and keeps his doors open for all. This is a quiet wisdom when countries are hinged on polarization. It should be the idea that not only makes this country the largest democracy in the world but also makes it a resilient country. With more than 22 languages ​​and hundreds of dialects spoken in India, cultural diversity and diversity exist here, which together make it a great democracy.
Prime Minister Modi’s sitar image has raised India’s voice in Washington DC. This is happening when many people are eager to beat the drums of war, in such a situation they are emerging with a different image.
Australia has a lot at stake in the positive results of the Quad, such as regaining balance in its commercial partnership with China, and strategically co-operating with the US and UK on the other. Australia has done this work before and has done it through very diplomatic and calm talks.
Whereas in China, for those who feel that democracy and the Western economy are now on the slope, the Quad has set an example of success and commitment through peace, solidarity and cooperation. If it follows this path, the Quad will be one of the world’s biggest forces acting rationally and collaboratively – something that is rarely seen in the new world order that is currently emerging. (The author is a blogger at INTO INDIA. He is the President of Australia India Business Council (Vic) and Genesis India’s Australia Horticulture Project. Views expressed in this article are those of the author)

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