Opened for tourists, the world’s largest madhouse, closed for years, is inhabited by ‘ghosts’ in the buildings!

There are many such places in the world which have been lying vacant for years and due to this reason have turned into ruins. The most surprising thing is that people are afraid to go to these buildings because they believe that ghosts live there. Today we are going to tell you about one such building which has been opened to the general public. But this is not a tourist destination. This is a mental asylum where people believe that ghosts reside!

We are talking about the Central State Hospital located in Georgia, USA. This institute was formed in the year 1842. Earlier its name was Georgia State Lunatic, Idiot, and Epileptic Asylum. Till the year 1960, it was considered to be the world’s largest madhouse, in which more than 12 thousand patients were treated simultaneously and they also lived there. According to the report of the Daily Star, after the Second World War, the condition of this hospital started deteriorating. There was a shortage of funds with the hospital and the staff there was not knowledgeable enough to find better medical solutions. Because of this, doctors used dangerous methods like electric shock, insulin shock.

mental hospital open for tourists

More than 25 thousand patients have been buried in the asylum grounds. (Photo: Twitter/@TraciRylands)

Patients were kept in the hospital in an inhuman way. Children were kept in cages made of iron while elders were forced to take a steam bath and take a cold water bath. Not only this, he was kept wearing a straight jacket. Let us tell you that more than 25 thousand patients have been buried in this insane asylum. Plates made of metal with the names of those patients are buried here. According to the report, more than 200 vacant buildings of the hospital built on 8 thousand acres, people keep coming to the ghost catchers. Many people say that the empty parts are haunted and there are ghosts, although this has not been confirmed. In today’s time, only a small part of the hospital is active, in which about 300 people are treated, but now the methods of treatment have been changed a lot. When people came here secretly, an official tour of the hospital was done in January 2020. Since then the hospital has been opened for tour once every month. In this tour, tourists are told about the history of the hospital.

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