OMG: 41 year old teacher had a relationship with 15 year old student! Arrested after finding out pregnancy

You must have often heard that a teacher makes the most important contribution in shaping the future of his student. The relationship between teacher and student is very special. The student also has a lot of attachment to his teachers (Student-Teacher Relations). But recently such news has come out which can disturb anyone. This news is related to a lady teacher and student only, but it is very strange.

41-year-old Harry Clavi, living in Florida, USA, is a teacher and has a very serious crime against him. Harry is accused of having an affair with a 15-year-old student. What is even more shocking is that she has reportedly become pregnant after this affair. Presently she is 8 months pregnant. The police have arrested him and the investigation related to him is going on.

The child took the teacher’s side, denied being raped
Not only does the teacher have a crime of having a relationship with a minor, apart from this, he has also been accused of bringing a gun to the school. On Friday, Harry was arrested and charged with crimes against students, neglecting the safety of children, bringing a gun to school, and child sexual abuse. Apart from this, the police are shocked to know that the victim child is not ready to level any kind of allegations against the teacher. The child is not even cooperating with the police investigation and says that she is not a victim and has not been raped. A Florida Police spokesman said a minor in Florida cannot consent to having a relationship.

8 months pregnant woman
The school friends of the student have told the police that they had also seen the teacher and his pornographic videos (Student Teacher Vulgar Video) and photos in the student’s phone. A police spokesman said that Harry is 8 months pregnant but he cannot give any concrete information about whose child that child is. Officials at Miami Dade County Public Schools say that Harry had not been to school since March and was sent to work at a different school center. It has been said from the school that the process of expelling the teacher has been started and now she will not be able to teach in any other school in the district. Let us tell you that Harry is still in jail and he will get bail only after paying the bond of Rs 14 lakh.

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