Now it will be easy for Indians to settle in America, these conditions will have to be fulfilled for green card

Washington. Recently, proposed immigration rules issued by the US House Judiciary Committee also include a Reconciliation Bill, which will allow those dreaming to become Green Card Holders in the US along with the legal (document). Very good news for

In fact, according to this bill, an expatriate dreaming of settling in America can strengthen his claim for green card by paying a supplementary fee of $ 1500, passing the directorate process and medical examination.

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For this, two conditions have to be fulfilled in particular. First- Such a migrant will have to come to America before the age of 18 and have to live continuously. Second- From January 1, 2021, he will have to be physically in America continuously.

Apart from this, the candidate will also have to fulfill four more conditions to strengthen his claim- 1) The candidate has passed the U.S. have served in the Armed Forces; 2) Has completed or is pursuing a degree program or post-secondary credentialing program of at least 2 years from a University or Institute in the United States. 3) OR He should have a detailed record of income earned in the US within a period of three years prior to applying for adjustment of status. 4) Those involved in internship, apprenticeship or similar training program are also eligible to apply for position adjustment.

Deep Patel, president of the advocacy association ‘Improve the Dream’, a group of young immigrants who grew up in the US, says, “This is the most important point for dreamers on any bill. Because it allows all young immigrants to apply.

However, he suggested that the House Judiciary Committee should appropriately amend or clarify whether specific travel for continuous physical presence testing should be allowed or else some individuals may be disqualified.

According to a preliminary study by David Beer, researching immigrants, as of April 2020, 1.36 million children from Indian households were stuck in the backlog of EB2 and EB3 employment-based green card categories, which is a waiting time of 84 years. Deep Patel says that 62% of children grow up without getting a green card.

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In reference to the bill, Beer posted on social media, “The first thing to note: it’s a straight line to legal permanent residency—it guarantees a passage to citizenship after five years.” This is in contrast to other previous legalization schemes, including the House-passed Dream and Promise Act, which is a conditional approach.

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