Now if the female employee in the office says Love, Honey, Sweety, then she may have to lose her job.

Do you also call the female employees working in your office (Pet Names To Female Employee) by other names? If yes, then change this habit immediately. Recently, an office in Manchester fired the mail worker working here (Man Suspended For Calling Colleague Love). On that the women of the office were found guilty of saying Honey, Love, Sweety etc. The person approached the court regarding this matter. Where the court also considered the decision of the office to be correct and warned the people that it is insulting to call women employees in the office by such names.

While delivering the verdict, the court said that speaking love to the female employee in the office is to encourage them. The judge said that words like sweetie and babes humiliate the woman. The use of these words for women is wrong. This hearing took place in the case of the manager of a funeral home, Mike Hartley, being fired for using these words. Mike was accused that he used to call the women working with him with these words which was his encouragement.

The person gave such an argument
After being fired, Mike filed a case in Manchester Court regarding this. Mike said that he used to call not only women, but also male employees with words like mate and pal. He used to call women only by pet name. He didn’t have any bad or bad attention. In such a situation, it was wrong to be fired from the job and the court should issue an order to the company to keep him back.

Court ruled
After hearing Mike’s argument, the Manchester Court judge gave his decision. He said that the words used for man and woman cannot be compared. Calling someone a mate or a lad is not an insult. These nicknames are not derogatory. But calling a woman chick, babes, honey or sweetie sweetie is insulting to them. Because of this, the company’s decision is absolutely correct and the court will not remove it.

words banned in office for female workers

Many women had complained
Let us tell you that many women of the company had complained against Mike. Many women complained that Mike used to call them in front of everyone in the office with words like love, honey. When this complaint was made to HR, he was suspended. Then Mike said that he was not following anyone. He was just being friendly. Now after a decision of the court, other companies have also issued warnings to their employees regarding this. In such a situation, if you also do this, then be careful now.

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