New York governor accused of sexually abusing 11 women, Biden seeks resignation

New York. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who passed a resolution against India, has been accused of sexual harassment by 11 women. After which there is heavy pressure on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to resign. US President Joe Biden said in a press conference, “I think he should resign”. Biden, however, did not say whether the New York state legislature would impeach him if Cuomo refused to step down.

A report in the office of New York Attorney General Letitia James said that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo used to handcuff women inappropriately. He has also been accused of kissing women, making indecent comments.

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Investigation team submitted report
An investigation team led by two senior lawyers was formed to investigate the allegations against Andrew Cuomo. After a long investigation of about five months, the lawyers have said in their report that the claims of 11 women who have leveled allegations inside and outside the government are true. Governor Andrew Cuomo has misbehaved with him. An aide of the governor is also included in the accusers.

Andrew Cuomo denies all allegations
Andrew Cuomo has denied all allegations. He said that whatever facts have come, they are completely different. He said, “I have never touched a woman in a wrong way, nor have I misbehaved with any woman.” Cuomo said, “I will not resign from my position. I have enough support to stop impeachment.”

Nancy Pelosi also demanded Cuomo’s resignation
US Parliament Speaker Nancy Pelosi and New York Senator Chuck Summer and Senator Christer Gillibrand have also called for the resignation of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. At the same time, the leader of the New York Assembly, which has the power to bring impeachment charges against Governor Andrew Cuomo. He has also said that now Governor Andrew Cuomo has no right and morality to remain in his office. At the same time, New York Assembly Speaker Carl Hasty, a Democrat, also said that “he should come forward to complete the impeachment investigation as soon as possible”.
The governor of New York is a lover of Pakistan
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is also a party to Pakistan. During his tenure, he played an important role in getting the resolution against India passed in the New York Assembly. A resolution to celebrate Kashmir-America Day on February 5 every year was passed in the New York Assembly this year.

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The resolution passed in the New York State Assembly said, “The State of New York supports the human rights of all Kashmiri people, including freedom of religion, movement and expression.” which is in accordance with the Constitution of the United States of America through the recognition of various cultural, ethnic and religious identities. Let us tell you that after the resolution was passed, Pakistan had claimed that it had a role in getting the resolution passed against India in America.

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