New study: Effect of Pfizer vaccine decreasing after 6 months, good news about Delta variant

california. The effect of Pfizer Vaccine, which is being used in many countries including America against the corona virus, is reducing to a large level after 6 months. This has been revealed in a recently published study. However, the efficacy of the vaccine remains at 90% for at least 6 months in terms of hospitalization and death. In America, a booster dose of Pfizer is being given to the elderly and some citizens.

Data published in the Lancet medical journal on Monday show that the effectiveness of Pfizer’s vaccine in protecting against corona virus infection has come down from 88 percent to 47 percent six months after the second dose. However, the good news is that even against the delta variant, the vaccine is providing better protection in case of hospitalization and death. According to the researchers, the data shows that the reason for the decline in the figures is reduced efficacy rather than more infectious variants.

Pfizer and Kaiser Permanente examined the health records of nearly 3.4 million people in Kaiser Permanente Southern California between December 2020 and August 2021. “Our variant-specific analysis shows that the (Pfizer/BioNTech) vaccine is effective against all variants of concern,” said Louis Jodar, chief medical officer and senior vice president at Pfizer Vaccines.

The vaccine efficacy against the delta variant was 93 percent after one month, which dropped to 53 percent after four months. In the case of other variants of the corona virus, the effect was reduced from 97 percent to 67 percent. “What it shows for us is that Delta is not the escape variant, which is completely circumventing the vaccine’s protection,” said study lead Sarah Tartoff.

The US Food and Drug Administration has allowed the elderly to apply a booster dose of Pfizer to those most at risk of corona infection. Scientists believe that more data is needed to recommend booster doses for everyone.

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