Mother-in-law’s soup, father-in-law’s coffee contains cyanide, woman killed 6 people like this

New Delhi. A woman from Kozhikode, Kerala is accused of killing six of her family members through cyanide within 14 years. The accused woman Jolly Amma Joseph killed her family members one by one by mixing cyanide in the food. He is accused of killing his mother-in-law’s soup and father-in-law’s coffee by mixing cyanide.

SIT investigated
According to the Special Investigation Team (SIT), the investigation reveals that the accused woman Jolly Amma Joseph had planned to kill two more children. Both these children were very close to his family. These murders were done over property. According to the SIT team, they have some such evidence, which shows that the accused woman Jolly had prepared a plan to kill some other people as well.

Kozhikode Rural SP KG Simon said it was too early to come to a conclusion about the killings. He said seven more people would be called for questioning in the coming days.

Murders started in 2002
The process of death under suspicious circumstances started with the death of 57-year-old Anamma in the year 2002. Anamma was Jolly’s mother-in-law. Anamma died soon after drinking mutton soup. It was prepared by Jolly. Jolly is alleged to have mixed cyanide in the soup.

killed everyone one by one
After this, Jolly’s father-in-law Tom Thomas died in a similar incident in 2008. After this, in 2011, Jolly’s husband Roy Thomas was murdered in the bathroom. In the investigation, the presence of cyanide was found inside his body. In the police investigation, his death was a suicide. After this Roy’s maternal uncle Mathew Manjadiyil had demanded an inquiry into his death.

stepson suspected
Jolly’s maternal father-in-law Mathew also died in 2014. The police accused Jolly of murder by making him drink poisonous coffee. In 2014, a child named Alpine Shaju also died. Alpine’s mother, Silly Shaju, also died in 2016. He was given cyanide mixed with drinking water from Jolly. The police have refused to give any kind of information after these cases. He says that the investigation is still going on. In the midst of death in the family, Jolly married Shaju Scaria for the second time. After this Tom’s son Rojo became suspicious of Jolly. After which the matter was investigated by the SIT.

Jolly was present with everyone who was killed: SP
The SP probing the case said that we have come to know in the investigation that Jolly was present with every person who was murdered. Jolly did all these murders to get property. The accused woman had also resorted to forged documents to get the property. Let us inform that Jolly and other accused together had killed six people by giving cyanide within the last 14 years.

Jolly confesses crime
According to the police, the accused woman Jolly Joseph has confessed to her crime. At present, a case has been registered against the three accused for the murder of Jolly’s husband Roy Thomas. In the remaining murders, the police is investigating. The SIT team has said that it can involve some more officers for the disclosure of this matter. Along with this, Kerala Police will take the help of laboratories for ‘trace analysis’ in the country and will also contact foreign laboratories if needed.

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