Mother gets intoxicated with ganja as soon as the children sleep, said- ‘This is my way to rest’

Being a parent, raising children and taking care of them is no less tiring task. In such a situation, all the parents find a way of their relaxation. When Instagrammer Nicole also shared her method of relaxation with people, different types of reactions started coming on it. His approach is quite different and controversial.

Nicole says that she smokes weed after putting her children to sleep at night. As soon as Nicole told that she relaxes herself from the fatigue of the day by drinking ganja, most people were shocked at her habit. Although Nicole herself says that she considers smoking weed in the same way as people relax after drinking wine.

Drinking ganja removes tiredness of the day
Nicole, who is active on Instagram under the name @mostlywatermama, also says that her lifestyle is her choice and she sees nothing wrong with it. Nicole, who lives in Florida, USA, is very active on social media and her post is making people wonder how she can drink ganja while living with children? Nicole herself also says that people judge her for this habit, while all her followers also support her.

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Women do not see the difference between wine and ganja
Posting on Instagram, Nicole wrote – Bedtime is your time. This is very important. So if you like alcohol, you do but don’t teach me the basics. Anyway, stop making noise on what has become legal in half the country. While many people gave the tag of a bad mother to the woman on this post, some people also supported her. People said that if the mother can drink wine, she can also drink ganja. After this post of the woman, there has been a debate on social media about the way of parenting among the people.

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