Moderna CEO claims – Kovid epidemic will end in a year

New York. Stephen Bancel, CEO of Corona vaccine manufacturer Moderna, believes that the Kovid-19 epidemic will be completely over in the next one year. He has said that according to the global demand, the vaccine is being produced rapidly and due to which this epidemic will be overcome soon.

However, in low-income countries, only 2% of the population has been given the vaccine dose so far. Therefore, if we talk about vaccination at the ground level, then this statement of Stephen Bansel looks weak.

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Moderna CEO Stefan Bansel has said this in an interview given to the Swiss newspaper ‘Neue Zuercher Zeitung’ on Thursday. He said, ‘There has been a boom in vaccine production all over the world. In this way, by the middle of next year, the vaccine will be available to the entire world population. When will the situation return to normal? On this question, Bansel said, ‘I hope that within a year the situation will be back to normal.’

Simultaneously, Stephen Bansel said that those who get the vaccine will be safe from this virus in the coming times. At the same time, those who do not get this vaccine, they will remain at risk of falling ill or hospitalized due to its delta variant.

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Booster shot may also be needed
Bansel also told that in the coming days people may also need a booster dose of the vaccine. The company is working on the half-dose formula of the vaccine available for this. He also said that his company is also working on a ‘delta optimized variant’ of the vaccine, which will be the basis for booster shots in 2022. (with agency input)

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