Miracle ! The woman was alive again 45 minutes after she died, died of heart attack

No one can harm the one protected by the god. You must have heard that no one can kill the one whom God saves, but you must not have heard that someone can die and be alive again. What happened to Kathy Patten of Maryland, USA, was such a miracle. Kathy was revived after 45 minutes of death and is now healthy.

This incident remains a topic of discussion on social media. Being alive after 45 minutes of the woman’s death is nothing short of a miracle. According to the online site Mirror, Cathy Patton’s daughter was pregnant. After getting information about her having labor pains, she reached the hospital with her daughter, while she suffered a heart attack.

Daughter got labor pain, mother got heart attack
Kathy Patten was playing golf when she got a call about her daughter having labor pains. She left at the same time and took her daughter to the hospital. The daughter was admitted for delivery and Kathy herself suffered a heart attack and died. Doctors saw Cathy’s pulse, which had stopped and oxygen was not reaching her brain. After seeing his condition, the doctors started giving CPR as a last attempt.

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woman who died before the birth of her grandson
For about an hour, the doctors kept giving CPR to Kathy. Meanwhile, after about 45 minutes, Cathy’s breathing started again, her pulse rate returned. Doctors once again after examining her confirmed the miracle that Cathy was alive again. After getting her second life, her daughter gave birth to a baby girl. Kathy is not tired of thanking God after this incident. He says that he has got this new life even just to see the face of his grandson.

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