Man crossed all limits of cruelty to take revenge on Ex-Girlfriend! The soul will tremble knowing

It is easy to express love to someone but it is very difficult to handle it after coming into a relationship. Often couples make some mistakes in the relationship, due to which the distance between the two increases and its effect is that both of them get separated. But after separation, a boyfriend goes to such an extent that he kills his ex girlfriend, it is quite a surprise. Recently, a similar shocking case came to light in America in which a man brutally murdered his ex-girlfriend to take revenge on her.

Javier da Silva Rojas, 25, has been sentenced to 30 years in prison by a court in Connecticut, USA, for killing his ex-girlfriend. According to the Daily Star report, it was told in court that Xavier reached his girlfriend Valerie Reyes’ house on 28 January 2019. He had put his phone on flight mode before entering the house. There was a lot of quarrel between the two in the house. This quarrel turned into a fight and the girl suffered a lot on her head, along with her face was also badly hurt. After this, Javier tied Valerie with tape and put her alive in a suitcase (Man stuffs girlfriend in suitcase). Then he drove the suitcase 10 miles away and threw the suitcase in a wooded area.

man stuffs ex girlfriend in suitcase

Javier da Silva Rojas with ex-girlfriend Valerie Reese. (Photo: Twitter/@WikiBious)

According to the police, the girl died of suffocation. When there was no trace of Valerie for two days, her family lodged a complaint with the police. When the police interrogated Xavier, he said that the last time the two met, Valerie had fallen to the ground while having a relationship, causing serious injuries to her. About a week after this case, on February 5, the suitcase was recovered, on which Xavier’s DNA was found, as well as samples of the man’s DNA in Valerie’s nails. During this, Xavier stole Valerie’s laptop and debit card. He had withdrawn about Rs 4 lakh from the girl’s account. When the police came to know about this, they immediately arrested the man. The man accepted his crime and on September 23, the court sentenced him to 30 years of imprisonment. The man apologizes to Valerie’s family but her family is deeply saddened and angry. Valerie’s mother had appealed to the court to give painful punishment to her daughter’s killer.

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