Kovid in UN General Assembly: Brazil’s Health Minister infected, fear spread among leaders to meet

New York. Brazil’s Health Minister Marcelo Queroga, who participated in the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly, has been found to be Corona positive (Covid-19 positive). He had come to New York with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and attended the General Assembly session, other meetings and talks. This news has stirred the General Assembly and the fear of coronavirus infection has spread among the leaders who came in contact with the Brazilian party. In the media reports, it is also being seen by linking it to the organization of the General Assembly.

Here the Brazilian government has said that the country’s Health Minister Marcelo Queroga had been vaccinated. At the same time, Marcelo himself has said that he was wearing his mask during all sessions, meetings and other talks of the UN General Assembly. He told that no one else has got corona infection in the investigation report of the Brazilian team. At the same time, Quaroga has been quarantined in New York, after some time he will return to Brazil after the report comes negative.

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American media reports have said that the threat of corona virus is looming around the world. The Brazilian government has said that the corona report of other members has come negative. At the same time, it has been told that President Bolsonaro has not yet got the vaccine. After participating in the UN General Assembly, the President of Brazil and his team participated in other meetings. The team also met British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and bilateral talks were held between the two. During this, Brazilian Health Minister Marcelo Queroga was with him. Fear of the possibility of corona infection has spread among other politicians and officials who came in contact with Quaroga.

Ate pizza while standing on the sidewalk in New York
Brazilian President Bolsonaro was denied entry to a US hotel due to not having a corona vaccine and not carrying his certificate, and he was forced to eat pizza slices with his colleagues standing on the side of a New York sidewalk. This picture of him had gone viral on social media.

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