Kerala: Mosque became a way to reach the temple, Muslim community donated land for the way

Thiruvananthapuram. A new example of communal unity was seen in Muthuvallur Panchayat of Malappuram, Kerala. The Masjid Committee has donated part of the land to the Dalits who are facing difficulties in reaching the temple due to the bad road here. To reach the Kozhikodan Muchithadam Bhagavathi Temple, devotees had to pass through a small mountain. Apart from this, due to the height, the Mosque Committee has also constructed stairs here.

A committee was formed to help the other
The area around the temple belongs to the Parthakad Jama Masjid. The temple committee had met the mosque committee to remove the trouble on the way. In response, the Masjid Committee agreed to give part of its land to the temple without any amount.

According to The News Minute report, Shihab Ka, secretary of the mosque committee, said, “When they came to us, we really wanted to help them. The people living in the colony needed a road connection, but if the land was in the part of the mosque, then there are some rules where the land cannot be given to anyone else. So we had to investigate. He told, ‘When we came to know that the land can be given. This is how we decided to donate part of the land.

Apart from this, Panchayat President Ahmed Sagir found that he could get the stairs built on the donated land along the way, so he promised to release the funds from the Masjid Committee. In this way, after giving the land, the committee also got the stairs prepared on it.

Dalit community reaction
On this decision of the Masjid Committee, the priest of the temple, Babu Chelloth Uniythan said, ‘The temple is more than 45 years old. It was very difficult to climb the mountain to reach the colony and the temple. When we talked to the Mahallu committee, they supported us a lot. Apart from this, he said, ‘Two more families living nearby have also donated 4 feet of land to connect the temple with the main road. The donation received from the mosque is huge, the path is more than 100 meters. We are grateful to all.’

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