Kamala Harris calls China’s claim in South China Sea ‘illegal’, says – we stand with our allies

Singapore/Beijing. US Vice President Kamala Harris said on Tuesday that China is working to forcibly assert its dominance, threaten and claim a large area of ​​​​the South China Sea. He said that China’s actions are defying the rules-based order and challenging the sovereignty of other countries. Harris said that America stands with its allies in facing these threats.

In a keynote address during his three-day visit to Singapore, Harris said the US vision includes a system of free shipping, which is important for all. The US Vice President said, ‘The livelihood of millions of people rests on the trade of billions of rupees every day through these sea routes. Yet we know that Beijing is coercing, intimidating and making claims in large parts of the South China Sea.

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He said these “illegal claims” were rejected by a “permanent arbitration court” in 2016. “Beijing’s actions defy the rules-based order and threaten the sovereignty of nations,” Harris said. Harris said that the US stands with its partners and allies in the face of these threats. In his address, he emphasized that Washington is not forcing countries to take sides.

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According to observers, Vietnam has been a vocal opponent of China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea and has emerged as a major US partner. In the 1970s, the US had virtually conceded defeat and withdrew its troops from Vietnam.

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Harris said, “Our presence in Southeast Asia and the Indian Pacific is not against any one country, nor do we call for favoring any country. We are in favor of adopting a positive approach, as is our approach to partnerships and partnerships in this area. Our economic outlook is a part of this.

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China took a jibe at Harris’ remarks, saying the US first intervened in Afghanistan and then withdrew troops, and for Washington this is the definition of a rules-based international order. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said that America’s credibility has been lost after this exit from Afghanistan.

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He said, ‘What is happening in Afghanistan gives us a clear idea about the so-called rules, the American system, what it is. America can intervene militarily in a sovereign country, but cannot take responsibility for the suffering of the people of that country. “America can come of its own accord and then go back without any consultation with the international community, even its allies,” he said.

Wang said, ‘America wants such a system. America always tries to defend its selfishness, hegemony and grandeur on the pretext of rules and order. It is noteworthy that the Taliban have captured the war-torn country in the midst of the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan. Thousands of people have gathered around Kabul airport to leave the country and various countries are taking their people and allies out of Kabul.

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