Kabul Blast: US President Joe Biden said on Kabul attack – will find and kill the attackers

Washington. After seeing the way one after the other blasts took place in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, now US President Joe Biden has taken a tough stand. More than a dozen American citizens have also died in this attack. US President Joe Biden has vowed that the US Army will once again intensify attacks against the terrorist group involved in this attack. Speaking from the East Room of the White House, Biden said, the perpetrators of this attack should know that we will not forgive them. We will never forget these blasts and we will find and kill them.

The US President said, he has received many such information after knowing which we have been convinced that ISIS is involved in these attacks. aAmerica has identified those ISIS leaders Who has carried out the attack in Kabul. We can find all those terrorists even without any major military operation. Wherever they are hidden, we can reach them. Biden said he has asked US military commanders to work on a plan to attack ISIS. He said that the place we choose, we do accurate attacks there.

The Commander-in-Chief also announced that by the end of the month, the US your troops from afghanistan Will complete his plan to recall. Biden insisted that we can do this and we have to fulfill this mission and we will. We will not be afraid of terrorists and will not stop our mission either. We will continue the work of evacuating our citizens from Afghanistan.

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At least 60 Afghan civilians were also killed in the bombings.
Pentagon officials said that so far information about the involvement of two ISIS suicide bombers in this attack has come to the fore. One bomb exploded near a gate just outside Hamid Karzai International Airport, followed by gunfire, and the second bomb exploded a short distance away near the Baron Hotel. Officials said that after seeing the way the attack took place in Kabul on Thursday, we can say that it was the deadliest day in almost a decade for the US military in Afghanistan. At least 60 Afghan civilians have also been killed in these bombings on Thursday.

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US President calls those killed in Kabul blasts “heroes”
US President Joe Biden observed a moment of silence and offered condolences to the families of US service members killed in the Kabul blast. In his message, Biden described the American service members who lost their lives in the Kabul blasts as “heroes”. He said, the people we lost today have given their lives in the service of security, serving others and serving America.

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