Kabul Blast: Terrorist attack may happen again at Kabul airport, US Army alert

Kabul. The suicide attack on Kabul Airport in Afghanistan two days ago has shaken America. US President Joe Biden He has been told by his national security advisers that US intelligence agencies have received strong information that there may be yet another terrorist attack at Kabul airport. According to input from intelligence agencies, this will be the most dangerous phase ever to evacuate American, allied personnel and Afghan partners in the next few days.

US State Department spokesman said, All our citizens safe from Afghanistan We will be taken out, in the same way we will give Kabul airport to the Afghan people. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that the US President has been informed about another terrorist attack in Kabul. He said that in view of the possibility of attack, the army has been increased at Kabul airport and all possible security measures are being taken.

Officials associated with the security agency have told US President Joe Biden that the next few days during the mission to evacuate people from Afghanistan can prove to be extremely dangerous. He said that the threat to Kabul airport is increasing continuously. The US President assured the officials that all necessary steps are being taken to complete the operation and protect American troops.

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Pentagon said – monitoring the threats
Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said that the kind of input received from US intelligence agencies is clear that a terrorist attack can happen at Kabul airport at any time. We are certainly prepared for these dangers. He said that we are monitoring these threats. In view of the dangers, the US Army has been alerted. Security has also been beefed up ahead of President Joe Biden’s deadline to withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan by Tuesday and fears of an attack.

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A suicide bomber attacked the airport
The Pentagon said Thursday’s suicide attack on Kabul airport was carried out by only one attacker. It was earlier said that two attackers were involved in the attack. Among the 13 US service members involved in the incident were 11 Marines, a Navy sailor and an Army soldier. The US military has not made his identity public.

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