Kabul Airport Blast: America issued alert for its citizens, asked to leave the doors of Kabul airport immediately

Washington. After the blasts in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, the US on Friday appealed to its citizens to leave the airport gates. The embassy has advised its citizens not to travel to the airport due to safety and risk. Thousands of people, including Afghan civilians, have been trying to leave the country since the Taliban took control. The White House has described it as the most dangerous phase ever in the process of evacuating people.

The US embassy in Kabul said, “US citizens who are at Abbey Gate, East Gate, North Gate or the new ministry or internal gate should leave immediately.” “Due to the security risks at Kabul Airport, we advise US citizens not to travel to the airport and to avoid airport doors,” the embassy said. However, during this time no further information related to the risk was given.

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The responsibility for the blasts near the airport on Thursday was claimed by the Islamic State-based group Islamic State-Khorasan, an Afghanistan-based group. 13 American soldiers, including 169 Afghan civilians, are reported to have died in this attack. At the same time, US officials have expressed apprehension that there may be another terrorist attack at Kabul airport. US officials believe that the suicide vest used in the attack contained more than 11 kg of explosives and shrapnel.

Revenge taken in 48 hours
The US carried out drone strikes on Islamic State targets on Saturday morning. In response to the blasts at Kabul Airport, this retaliatory action has been taken from the American side within just 48 hours. President Joe Biden promised to respond. US officials have informed that there have been indications that a targeted terrorist of the Islamic State has been killed in the drone attack. At the same time, there is no news of the death of any civilian in this attack. According to the AP, a defense official has informed that Biden had approved this drone attack and Defense Minister Lloyd Austin had ordered it.

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