Jeff Bezos on space mission today, will also be the oldest and youngest astronaut

Washington. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, one of the world’s biggest riches, is ready to go on a space mission today. Jeff Bezos may not be the first billionaire to go to space, but he is about to create a new history with this flight. On Tuesday, Bezos is going to space with his brother. Along with this, he is taking the oldest and youngest astronaut with him. According to media reports, Bezos will remain in space for a total of 11 minutes during this trip.

Bezos told fellow passengers on CBS’ The Late Night Show with Stephen Kober, ‘Sit back, relax, look out the window and feel the view outside.’ The rocket that Bezos and his brother Mark Bezos are going by is completely autonomous. However, there is a danger in this too.

America: 18 year old boy will go on space journey with Jeff Bezos, history will be made

The dream of conquering space was seen by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in the year 2000. It is going to be completed in the year 2021, the space shuttle will fulfill the dream of Jeff Bezos. Jeff Bezos will go on a space walk from Earth on July 20 from this 60-foot-long space shuttle. Indian-origin Sanjal Gawande is also included in the team making the space shuttle ‘New Shepherd’ from which 4 tourists will go to space. That is, India’s daughter has also contributed in sending Jeff Bezos to space.

The flight will take off from the launching pad made in Texas
Jeff Bezos’s company Blue Origin’s space shuttle ‘New Shepherd’ is ready to launch from the launching pad in Texas, USA. Jeff Bezos’s New Shepherd rocket will fly into space with a capsule. The rocket and capsule will separate at an altitude of about 80 km from the earth. From there the capsule will reach the space orbit 105 km above the Earth.

After Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos is going to go to space, New Shephard rocket will fly on July 20

The capsule will stay in zero gravity for 4 minutes
This capsule will remain in zero gravity for 4 minutes and after that the process of return of the capsule to Earth will start. After coming into Earth’s orbit, the parachutes in the capsule will open and the landing of the capsule will take place in the Texas desert. This space tour will take a total of 11 minutes.

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