Jeff Bezos has a lot of love for ice cream, got millions of machines installed at home

There would hardly be any person in the world who would not like ice cream? Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, one of the richest people in the world, is also very fond of ice cream. Bezos is so fond of ice cream that he has installed an ice cream machine in his own house.

Bezos has recently installed an ice cream machine at his home from CVT Soft Serve, a company that makes soft serve ice cream. This machine is installed by Jeff Bezos in his Los Angeles home. The founder of CVT Soft Serve, Joe Nichi has given this information on Instagram. He has told that Jeff Bezos is his first residential client, whose house will be able to get soft serve ice cream 24 hours.

Ice cream machine is worth lakhs of rupees
The ice cream machine that Jeff Bezos has installed in his house is worth lakhs of rupees. The CVT is a soft-serve ice cream machine with a customized license plate on the front. It looks like a food truck. Its single serve machine costs around Rs 6 lakh, while the full size floor model with multiple flavors costs around Rs 17 lakh. This company does restaurant and commercial supplies. The installation of machines in Jeff Bezos’s Beverly Hills villa is his first private venture.

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Bezos loves ice cream
According to a business magazine, Jeff Bezos earns $ 3,715 every second i.e. about 4 lakh rupees. So this is not a big deal for them. Anyway, Bezos is very famous for his strange hobbies and fulfilling them. Regarding the design of Amazon’s second head quarter building, people have started saying on social media that it too looks like soft-serve ice cream. This shows his love for ice cream. Jeff Bezos, who founded the Blue Origin company and traveled to space with a spacecraft, is currently getting headlines due to his new hobby.

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