Instagram is creating inferiority complex among teenagers, only Facebook employees started opposing the company

New York. Is Instagram Deteriorating the Mental Health of Teenagers? This question is troubling all the people in America these days. Not only this, now its owned Facebook company is also facing opposition from its own employees. According to the news of the New York Times, according to a dozen current and former employees, dissatisfaction is brewing among the youth group working on the research of products like Messenger Kids for children.

Due to efforts to resolve the matter, many projects of the company have been postponed. Some employees working on research are angry with the company’s cleanliness. He has termed the company’s reply in the group chat as inappropriate. Some employees have threatened to resign.

Instagram creating inferiority complex among girls
In several articles and reports published last month in the newspaper Wall Street Journal, it has been said that Facebook is aware that the mental health of teenagers is getting worse because of Instagram. The company’s internal research also states that teenagers struggling with mental health problems say that their condition has worsened due to Instagram. The company knows that Instagram forces teenage girls to think poorly of themselves. creates inferiority complex in them. On Thursday, US lawmakers questioned Facebook’s global safety chief Antigone Davis for two hours about the mental and emotional impact of its services on children.

Zuckerberg is also hiding his mouth
Two employees said the company’s chiefs, Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg, were deliberately not appearing in public to avoid negative news. Facebook has said in a blog post in its clarification that the news of the journal is wrong. are out of context. On the other hand, some employees say that their concerns have not ended with the blog post.

Researchers wrote – the owners are getting into trouble
In a group chat, Facebook’s data scientists and researchers write about how the company’s owners are getting them into trouble. Increasing confusion. An employee posted on the company’s message board – they are ridiculing the research. The commotion is unlikely to subside. Former Facebook employees, who informed the newspaper about internal research, will make further disclosures in a TV program.

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