In the corona meeting of the school, the woman said something that people were watered with shame, the mic had to be stopped immediately

As the Coronavirus Pandemic is decreasing in the countries, the schools of children have also started opening. In such a situation, the school administration wants that it should take full care of the safety of the children. In many schools, meetings are being held for the safety of children (School Meeting on Covid19). One such meeting was going on in Texas, USA, where Corona was being discussed, but in the meeting, a student’s mother started saying something that everyone was ashamed of. And immediately the woman’s mic had to be turned off.

A meeting related to Corona rules was going on at Lake Travis School in Texas. Apart from the school administration, the parents of the students were also involved in this meeting. A woman named Kara Bell was also involved in this meeting, who was also a board candidate of that school. When it came to the woman’s turn to speak standing on the podium, instead of discussing Corona, she started discussing a book kept in her daughter’s school library in which things related to adult content was written. Written by Ashley Hope Perez, the book talks about the unnatural relationship between an African-American boy and a Mexican American girl.

The woman first read a few lines of that book in front of everyone and after that she started saying in front of everyone that she does not want to teach such adult content to her daughter. The woman said that neither she has ever done unnatural love making in love, nor will she, nor does she want to inform her daughter about it at this age. The woman says in her speech that the school should focus on education and not on the health of the public. The video of this speech of the woman is becoming very viral. It is clearly visible in this video that as soon as she starts talking on this issue, the people of the school administration sitting in front ask her to shut up but when she is not silent then her microphone has to be switched off. Is. Not only this, the time given to the woman was also shortened by the administration present there. After this, the school administration informed that they have removed the book from the library after the complaint of the woman.

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