Hurricane ‘Ida’ caused great devastation in America, many feared dead

New Orleans, Hurricane Ida weakened as it reached Mississippi on Monday after wreaking havoc in New Orleans in the US state of Louisiana, moving from the category of a severe cyclone to a tropical storm again. Meanwhile, rescue and relief operations have been launched for the people trapped in the floods. Rescue teams have started rescuing people through hundreds of boats and helicopters.

At the same time, due to the storm, a person who was hit by falling trees in Baton Rogue area died. Government spokeswoman Christina Stephens expressed fears of more casualties in incidents caused by the storm. It was told by the governor’s office that it may take time to restore the badly damaged power line due to the storm. An official feared that it may take up to a week for power supply to be fully restored.

Earlier, people in southeastern Louisiana waited to be rescued from floodwaters. Hurricane Ida caused power outages throughout New Orleans. Due to the storm, electric poles fell at places, roofs of houses were blown off and trees were broken.

The US National Hurricane Center said that heavy rains and storms have had widespread effects in the southeastern coastal areas of Louisiana, where rivers are in spate. This storm hit on the exact same date when Hurricane ‘Katrina’ hit Louisiana and Mississippi 16 years ago. Sixteen years ago, on August 29, 2005, Hurricane ‘Katrina’ devastated the coastal areas of Mississippi and Louisiana. Category 3 Hurricane Katrina killed 1,800 people and caused catastrophic flooding in New Orleans that took years to recover.

‘Ida’ on Sunday intensified into a severe Category Four storm and hit the coast and after 16 hours it again intensified into a tropical cyclone. Due to this, various services have been affected, including power outages in New Orleans.

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