Human potty was being sold in the supermarket, the woman ran to vomit as soon as it was in her hand

There are many types of crooks present in the world. Other people have to bear the brunt of their mischief. The consequences of some mischief are such that no one can even imagine. Shirley Wright-Johnson, who lives in Oklahoma, had to suffer due to the action of one such mischievous element. Shirley went with her two kids to buy a supermarket pizza base. But there someone had put putty under the packets of pizza base. As soon as the woman realized this, tears welled up in her eyes.

At the time of the incident, the woman had gone shopping for her week. She also had two children with the woman at that time. While getting the pizza roll out of the chiller unit, he got a human putty in his hand. The woman shared about the incident with KFOR Radio. He told that he got putty in his hand. At first she could not understand what was sticky in her hand? When he looked closely, it was potty.

The woman told that seeing this brought tears to her eyes. She said that at first her mind refused to believe that what she was thinking was in her hands. He tried to convince himself. But the smell coming confirmed that someone had hidden the potty there. The woman immediately went to the washroom and cleaned her hands. Shirley told that he washed his hands with bleach. Sanitizer was applied on it but despite this the smell did not go away.

human poo in supermarket

After complaining about the matter, the CCTV cameras of the supermarket were checked. A person was seen roaming here and there in the mall. After this, the person went to the cooling cupboard and was seen putting putty inside one. The police have now started identifying this person and trying to find him. The man was wearing a hoodie, due to which his face was covered.

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