Hollywood actress had changed gender, now shared shirtless photo, people were stunned to see abs

There are really different types of people in the world. If someone is not getting fame in his life, then someone needs money, but there are some people who got all this, then they wanted something different. Hollywood actress Ellen Page is also one of them. She has changed her gender after earning a good name as an actress and she has become a man from woman.

Ellen Page, who became a man after undergoing transgender surgery, has changed her name to Elliot Page. After becoming a man from woman, now she is focusing on her fitness and she has shared such a picture of her, which has become a hit on the internet. In the picture shared from the Instagram page, Alt is shirtless and flaunting his six pack abs. His old fans are surprised to see this picture.

First she was lesbian, then she became transgender
The whole life of 34-year-old Alt is strange. He had already said that he is a lesbian. She also got married with her partner in the year 2018. However, only after 2 years, he announced from his Instagram page that he was transgender. His partner had also supported his move and said that such people are a gift to the world. The couple got divorced in the year 2021 and Alt is single since then. Alt is famous as the world’s most popular transgender actor. She has worked in superhit series like INCEPTION even before becoming transgender.

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Make six pack abs by becoming a boy
Alt Page is also very positive about his career. He says that he is completely comfortable with his body and now wants to take his career forward as an actor and not an actress. Allen, who has prepared herself to deal with all the challenges, has now started getting characters as a hero. He will soon be seen as a hero in a web series. At present, he has fans all over the world on Instagram. Only after the announcement of becoming transgender, her page had increased by 4 lakh followers and started trending in more than 20 countries.

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