Helplessness to leave the country: People returned after adjusting like the general bogie of the train in the US plane

Washington. There is an atmosphere of panic due to the arrival of Taliban in Afghanistan. Whatever be the people, they are just trying to leave the country. Many countries have sent special planes for the safe return of their citizens from there. Meanwhile, a video and photo of a plane from America is being shared a lot on social media. On Tuesday, when the C-17 Globemaster of the US Air Force was going to take off from Kabul Airport, hundreds of Afghans were running around it. It was the same situation inside the plane. It can be seen in one of the photos that hundreds of people standing in the plane somehow just want to leave the country.

The US has safely evacuated 800 American people stranded in Afghanistan from its C-17 Globemaster aircraft in one go. The single floor of this giant aircraft has a seating capacity of only 134 people. In such a situation, it can be estimated that how people would have been seated inside the plane and what would be their condition. The plane can seat 80 people on pallets and 54 on sidewall seats.

All Indian Embassy personnel evacuated from Afghanistan, IAF’s C-17 Globemaster took off

A US Air Force C-17 aircraft with flight number RCH (Reach) 871 took off for Kabul this morning from Dover Air Force Base in Delaware. The US Air Force has not yet given an official statement about carrying 800 people at once by this aircraft. If this incident is confirmed then it will be a record in the history of military aircraft till now.

C-17 Globemaster will reach Hindon by afternoon with Indians
India has also sent C-17 Globemaster planes to rescue its embassy officials and soldiers trapped in Kabul. All employees of the Indian Embassy in Afghanistan have been evacuated amid the growing threat of Taliban. According to the information received by CNN News18, the Indian Air Force aircraft took off from the airport in the capital Kabul this morning carrying employees and all the necessary documents. This aircraft will first reach Jamnagar and then Hindon Airbase. The aircraft is expected to reach Hindon by around 1 pm.

India launches emergency online visa service for Afghanistan, application will be decided soon

Indian Embassy in Kabul closed
Sources had informed that the Indian Embassy had stopped work on Monday itself amidst the deteriorating situation in Kabul. He had told that after the departure of the Indian staff, the work of the embassy would be handed over to the local Afghan personnel. Indian Air Force aircraft C-17 Globemaster had reached Kabul to rescue Indians trapped in the country. However, military and civilian operations were halted due to disturbances.

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