‘Governor Vs Government’ in Puducherry: Kiran Bedi said CM Narayanasamy is sitting on dharna instead of meeting

Political drama continues in Puducherry. Chief Minister V Narayanasamy The tension between Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi is increasing continuously. Meanwhile, Governor Kiran Bedi has clarified her position by tweeting. Kiran Bedi has said that a letter was sent to her on February 7 regarding 36 issues, which she received on February 8. It was not written anywhere in this letter that if the reply is not given by the 13th, then the Chief Minister will sit on the dharna. Kiran Bedi says that she had to go out for some work by 20 February and was told to meet Chief Minister V Narayanasamy at 10 pm on 21 February, telling about this. So that all issues can be discussed. Despite this, the Chief Minister started a dharna and is still on dharna. He alleged that the Chief Minister was not allowing people to wear helmets.

CM and LG controversy: Chief minister slept outside Kiran Bedi’s house while protesting

Here, Puducherry Chief Minister V Narayanasamy has refused to end the dharna. Even on Wednesday last night, the Chief Minister slept outside the Raj Niwas with his ministers. The Puducherry Chief Minister has demanded that the Lieutenant Governor approve 39 government proposals, including the scheme for distribution of free rice. Congress and DMK MLAs are also involved in the protest outside the Raj Niwas. Raj Niwas is the official office cum residence of the Lieutenant Governor.

It is alleged that the files sent for his approval on various matters were rejected by the Lieutenant Governor. In protest against his negative attitude, the Chief Minister and his associate ministers have sat on a dharna on the road outside the Raj Niwas in black shirts. The Chief Minister said that government proposals for the upliftment of the poor and needy are being rejected continuously and he strongly opposes it.

Narayanasamy said that without spreading awareness, Kiran Bedi in her recent decision has made it mandatory for people to wear helmets, which “clearly appears to be a case of her arbitrariness and torturing people”. The state government had earlier proposed to spread awareness among the people in this regard. He alleged that 39 government proposals were sent to him in the last few weeks for the approval of the Lieutenant Governor, but he did not approve these proposals.

Let us tell you that due to the dharna, Kiran Bedi is not able to come out of the Raj Niwas. He has also written a letter to CM Narayanasamy regarding this. Which he has also shared on Twitter. He has said in the letter that you should have met instead of sitting on dharna. You would have written a letter and waited for my reply before the blockade of Raj Niwas. Due to this blockade, the general public is facing a lot of inconvenience.

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