Friends are crazy about the bold avatar of the model, they flirt openly! Woman upset by actions of friends

Every relationship has its own Boundaries in Relationship which cannot be crossed. There are some limitations in friendship too which every friend should understand, but when this is not the case then many problems can arise. A model earning lakhs of rupees through her bold photos on an adult website is also facing similar difficulties and sometimes she gets in a lot of trouble but the woman says that she knows. That’s how to get the boundaries of friendship to be followed.

Ona Artist, 30, lives in New York and has an account on the adult website Onlyfans as well as other social media platforms on which she shares her very bold photos. Seeing these bold photos of Ona, where boys are eager to befriend her, women are not far behind. Ona says that every day many people flirt with her by messaging on her Instagram and want to be friends, but she is most surprised to see that men as well as women are not behind in flirting. Not only unknown women, his school friends also hit lines on him and want to get into a relationship with him. Ona is very upset with this attitude of her friends because she feels that her friends are crossing the limits of friendship.

female friends flirt with onlyfans model

Photo: Instagram/@onaartist

Ona says that once even her school teacher started flirting with her online. Ona says that the look on adult websites and social media is only her work. Those pictures do not mean that she is attracting anyone or wants to establish a relationship with them. Telling the Mirror website about one incident, Ona said that she was once in a bar when she saw an old friend of hers there. As soon as she came near him, he immediately turned his hand on her scene. Ona felt very bad due to this action of friend. She now also makes people aware that their work and personal life should be kept separate from each other and both should never be mixed. Let us tell you that ona adult site earns more than Rs 43 lakh a month from OnlyFans. She likes to do this work and she will not leave this work because of such attitude of the people.

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